Classroom Expectations
Sun Canyon School Expectations

1. Be Respectful

2. Be Ready to Learn

3. Be Where You Belong

4. Be a Good Listener

5. Be Honest


1. Follow directions the first
time they are given

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Responsible

4. Be Helpful

5. Be Your Best!

The 3rd grade classroom management system is as follows: 

1. 1st offense: verbal warning

2. 2nd offense: Timeout in the classroom - student is temporarily removed from group seating area. A note will be written in the student's agenda.

3. 3rd offense: Student is removed from classroom and sent to another teacher or the principal/assistant principal.  Parent might be phoned or emailed.

4. Student who consistently misbehaves may be placed on a behavior contract, which will be sent home from parent/guardian to review.

Positive Consequences
Students earn a howl for being on time, turning in their homework, staying on task, having a positive attitude and following class directions. Students can earn an extra howl for doing something great.  After earning 10 howls, students receive a prize.