Classroom Procedures
What to expect in our classroom:

In our classroom we promise to be respectful of one another. We care for one another and know that we may not be all the same but we always show one another kindness and care. We raise our hands and listen when others are talking. Our classroom is a safe place where everyone is treated the same and we love and accept each other.


Students will receive a reading book at the beginning of the week and will need to return it at the end of the week. They will also get a math worksheet nightly to complete that reviews standards learned in class. Students will need to complete a few questions nightly that connects to the book.  If a student does not bring in their book, reading homework and math homework on Friday then they will miss their Fun Friday, and will work on the incomplete activities in class. Also, students are expected to show their agenda to an adult every night and get a signature showing that the parent is aware of homework and any upcoming events.

(Fun Friday- educational games that allow the students to work with one another typically in groups of 2-4 that covers material or lessons taught in class). 

 If needed a phone call or a note home in the agenda from the teacher will be written to let the adult know about any incident at school. If it is continuing or more severe, then the student will be sent to the office to talk to the Assistant Principal.