Sun Canyon Elementary School offers several different during and after school extracurricular programs and activities.


-2nd,3rd and 4th GRADE  MATH-
The goal is learning, but the mode is fun. Central to the District Math Initiative are the monthly District workbooks that reinforce the Arizona Mathematics Standard and improve long-term mastery of math skills. Each workbook includes a variety of math problems, puzzles, and games intended to reinforce grade-level expectations and to infuse the excitement of discovery into the teaching of mathematics. 



Chorus is offered to 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Our rehearsals take place before school every Wednesday and Friday (7:45- 8:05). We have had several performances this year. This is a picture of our Thanksgiving Community Dinner Program from last year. We are busy rehearsing for this year's program. Check out our calendar of events for the details.


At Sun Canyon Elementary we have band available for those students in the fourth and fifth grades. Currently we have two bands. There is beginning band for those students who started learning to play an instrument this year and intermediate band for those students who were in band last year and are in their second year of playing an instrument.


TUTORING is offered throughout the year to help students with academics such as Math and Reading and to help prepare students for the AZMerit test.