Classroom Expectation

Classroom rules

Classroom Rules
1. Be respectful to others
2. Take turns when speaking/raise your hand
3. No running in the classroom
4. Be a "Kid of Character"


Disciplinary Actions

1. Verbal warning 

2. Time out

3. Lose a recess/Note home

4. Sent to the office and a call home

Classroom Rewards

1. Praise and Treats

2. Good notes or call home

3. Choice Time

4. Treasure Box

I expect great things from each of my students. I expect that everyday they will work hard, give it their all, and participate. I also believe each child should be respectful and considerate of their peers and all adults on campus, both in the classroom and outside. For all of us to be successful, we must work together. With your help and support, your child WILL be successful! I am very dedicated to your child's success. I believe strongly that you should always be well informed about what's happening in our room and how your child is doing. I send home newsletters weekly just for that purpose. You are always welcome to come in, call, or email ANYTIME! By working together we can help your child be the very best they can be. Thanks for your continued help and support!