Mrs. Stevens
Mrs. Stevens


Dear Kindergarten Parents

  Welcome to an exciting school year! I am looking forward to working with your child this year. During our first important weeks of school, routine and learning patterns will be established and I will have a chance to discover some of your child's special needs and interests. At the same time, I hope your child will begin to recognize school will be a fun and rewarding for them.  

  I will strive to help each child become responsible for his/her own actions.  As a group, we will learn appropriate behaviors and model them for each other.  Students choosing to use appropriate behavior will be rewarded in various ways. If your child has difficulty making appropriate choices, we will discuss the behavior and action will be taken according to the situation.

  I hope your child will have a happy and productive year in Kindergarten! Our program is designed to meet the social, physical, and academic needs of the children. Each day we add to our content knowledge.  Therefore, daily attendance is VERY important.

  Please refer to the parent/student handbook regarding school uniform. Navy bottoms ONLY (no black or tan) and white, light blue, or navy tops.  Sweaters or jackets must also follow dress code or it cannot be worn inside. Girls should wear shorts under skirts or dresses.

  With your support, we can make Kindergarten a very positive experience. Please feel free to call me at 623-707-2000. During class time, you will need to leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible. You may also send a note with your child at any time or email me at


  Mrs. Stevens

You can contact me at 623-707-2000 or e-mail me at