Classroom Expectation

Classroom expectations are created with the children at the beginning of each school year. This to ensure that every child has the opportunity to have a postive learning experience.   Here at Sun Canyon we talk about "Kids of Character"  using the six pillars of character my class discusses and chooses 6 rules for our classroom:

Our class rules are as follows:

1.  Listen to Others (Respect)
2.  Be A Good Friend (Caring)
3.  Be Accountable for your choices (Responsibility)
4.  Share and include Others (Fairness)
5.  Tell the Truth  (Trustworthiness)
6.  Protect the School (Citizenship)


Everynight your child will normally have math and reading homework.  It is always due the next Monday.  This allows you as a family to fit homework into your busy schedules.  Please encourage and remember to ask your student about homework and provide time and a place for them to accomplish it.  This will get them into good habits for the future and will also let them know that you care about their education.      

If you have questions or concerns regarding anything please contact me.