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Welcome to our Fifth Grade Website!

Dear 5th Grade Parents,        

     I am so pleased to have your child in our classroom.   We are planning such an exciting year, with wonderful stories from our anthology, great history lessons that have given us insights about how our amazing country began, great leaps in math, from large division in multiplication problems to fractions to fascinating geometry, and science lessons where we learned about the tiniest particles of atoms to the vastness of our galaxy, the Milky Way. 

      In our classroom, we talk about being intentional students.  What does that look like?  If you were to ask last year's students, they would say that it means we have a purpose, set goals every day, and we work intentionally so that we will achieve purposeful learning that helps us achieve our goals.  

      Our fifth graders strive to be self-managed.  We know that there are positive consequences to being self-managed.  When we have that skill, we know that our friends can trust us, we are taking positive steps for a successful future, and making choices that will benefit us and others. 

      Fifth grade is a critical year because it is the last year of elementary school before heading off to middle school.  We want all of the good behaviors, that translate into being a good, productive students, locked in as habits.  

  Good Behaviors:
  Socially:                    Kind, caring, supportive of others.      (Respectful)
  Organizationally:   Keeps track of supplies, assignments.  (Prepared)
  Academically:          Homework completed.                   (Responsible) 

     With your support, we can make 5th Grade a wonderful, positively growing experience.  Please feel free to call me at 623-707-2018.  During class time, please leave a message, and I will be happy return your call as soon as possible. You may also send a note with your child at any time or email me at

Thank you!