Classroom Expectations
  1.                                                  Classroom Expectations

                                    When I am self-Managed, I am making choices that
                                         benefit me, my future, and my environment!

  1. Behave in a way that is:  Kind/ Generous/ Sensitive to others feelings.
  2. Behave in a way that will help me grow academically.
  3. Always give 100% best effort
  4. Turn my completed work in on time
  5. Think outside of the box - project/predict.

  1. The results of being self-managed:
  2. In any new situation, you are able to adjust and contribute.
  3. Your friends and family can rely on you to behave in a dependable manner.     
     You begin the process of becoming educated.  That is an empowering,  broadening, wonderful gift.
                                                 You make goal line!


What happens if I behave in a way that is not self-managed?
Typically, but not always, you will be given a warning about inappropriate             behavior.  That warning is a gift that is saying. "You need to think about your           behavior and decide if some changes need to take place."   At that point , your       management folder is placed on your desk as a reminder.  

Hopefully you will analyze your behavior and determine that it is not in your         best interests to continue.  If that is your response - Great!  You have made a           choice to be self-managed. If that is not your choice, and inappropriate                   behavior continues, then you can expect a management write up .  If you                   receive three during a two week time period, you miss goal line.  If you miss           two goal lines in a row, you, your parents, and teacher will sit down and have a conference about appropriate behavior and goals.