Classroom Expectations


Our Classroom Rules 

   We have 3 rules for our classroom that the students have come up with.  They are be respectful, be safe, and be responsible.  For students to be respectful in class, they must listen to others and only one person talking at a time.  For students to be safe in class, each student must keep their hands and feet to themselves and make sure their chairs are pushed in when they leave.  For students to be responsible in class, each student needs to ask questions when they don't understand and to always do their best. 

Behavior Monitoring

Each student will receive a management folder.  This folder is to help students take ownership of their behavior in the classroom.  Inside the folder is an outline of what is expected in class.  When a student does not exhibit the proper behavior, they will be warned to take out their folder.  A second infraction, the student will write a sentence about the behavior and the teacher will initial and speak to the student about the behavior at an appropriate time.  Select the link below to view the management sheet. 

Self-Management sheet for the student folder.docx