Class Information To Know About
Homework for 2018-2019

Your child will have  reading homework Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as well as math homework. If your child is unable to complete their assignments, I ask that the parent sign the agenda.  Your signature will let me know that you are aware of the incomplete assignment(s).

Behavior for 2018-2019    

Class Rules                                                                               
C = Come prepared for the learning environment.                         

A= Always organize and use school  appropriate materials.         

K = Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.                           

E = Everyone Participates                                                                   
verbal warning/ redirection
conference with teacher during lunch recess

Contact parent

Conference with Principal/parents/teacher/child

Supply List
1 box of Kleenex
2 pencils
1 red pen
1 black pen
1 box of 12 color pencils
1 set of highlighters
5 spiral notebooks
1 package of index cards

We will use computers often during the day. Your child is highly recommended to purchase a set of headphones for use in class.

Wish List 2018-2019
Critical item needed: Clorox wipes. Lined paper, Expo markers, sticky notes, index cards
We would like:  Dollar Store ear phones, snacks 
In December we start to run out of the following items: color pencils, red pens, blue pens, black pens, gallon ziplock bags or quart size bags. Paper plates and cups. Clear tape.